Welcome to Blueslaadi’s Council of Theives PFRPG! This campaign revoles around a small group of resistance fighters known as Vigilance Blade. They oppose house Thrune and seek to rid Westcrown of the shadowbeasts that rule the city streets at night.

SPOILER ALERT!!! WARNING!!! If you are planning on running through the Council of Theives adventure path as a player character then do not continue reading!!!

Player Characters

Gala Wimblesnippet: A gnomish female oracle with cloudy eyes. She wears leather armor studded with iorn and sports a gem encrusted tiara.

Kalaive “The Glaive”: A human male fighter in heavy plate armor wielding a crimson glaive made of crystal.

Thane Eysizen: A human male summoner who wears a bandana and has long black hair. He often summons Inglip, a strange lizard-like humanoid, covered in black scales, with wicked looking claws and large bat-like wings.

“Crowbar” Crogan: A halfling male with many bags, pouches and pockets which hang by straps or are sewn into his leather armor. A large book is stuffed into his backpack next to a dull, black crowbar that pokes out of the top and hooks over the side. A lizard sporting an elaborate red frill on it’s head balances itself on the rogues shoulder with the help of its long tail.

Vigilance Blade

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