Vigilance Blade

Council Rogues

The party made it’s way over to the entrance of the Nessian Spiral which was now exposed to the outside. The large Black Stone door stood closed on a section of the manor that survived the explosion. The dispatched some hidden rogues before attempting to open the door which caused an earsplitting sound that injured those standing next to it. They did find a door that was open and discovered a small room with two staues covered in sheets. Two more doors led off tof his room but it was at this time that Vitti returned with the help he promised to get and it was decided that the party would help some of the wounded and transport the paralysed debutaunt saftley back to her family, before entering the spiral and trying to stop the imprisoned pit fiend from escaping. The Scallios were grateful to Vigilane Blade for returning with their daughter and awarded the group a large pile of gold along with a mytril trident that had been in their family for generations. They returned to the safehouse only to find crowbar had left town in search of more information on how to more easily hurt the high ranking devils with physical weapons. Many of the low-ranking members of Vigilance Blade agreed to return to destroyed manison so that they might overwhelm any possible foes with sheer numbers. More thieves were encountered and bluehood levitated onto the roof to try and stop one of the thieves from alertng the compund. She was to slow however and ran threw an open door on the other side of the building only to be surrounded by shadows that leeched the very strength from her. Kalaive barked an order out to Rizzardo,the largest of the low-ranking members except for perhaps Edmondo the Blacksmith, and he sprinted after Bluhood. Gala tended to the wounded Tarvi who had run up to her with a bolt stuck in her shoulder. Some Lemures appeared and attacked when much of the group was sunddenly hit with a confusion spell and a soft lilting voice could be heard singing as a strangely familiar female appeared 40 feet away. She had orange skin with tiger stripes and was well armed. Kalaive Stabbed himself with his own weapon. What foul sorcery was this! Kalaive felt his mind spin as he withdrew the blade from his own flesh, and the group found themselves wishing that they once again had Crowbars help as things started to turn grim.


blueslaadi blueslaadi

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