Vigilance Blade

Have no fear, crowbar is here!

“Crowbar” Crogan cliimbed the surviving section of Aberians Folly so that he could get a birdseye view of the conflict he could hear raging on the other side. The rest of his crew was disposing of some men in black leather armor. They fought valiantly but where outmatched and when Thane Eysizen summoned a Grizzly Bear in the singing tieflings face, she dissapeared beneath a mountainous flurry of claws and teeth. One rouge joined the fray from inside the structure but soon dedided to run north, the group decided to let him go. Little did they know that very rouge had taken Bluehoods looted Bluehoods body and taken the boots off her coorpse along with her spell componant pouch and coin purse, and the icey burst mace. Although thankfully leaving the Mythral trident, either because he didnt recognize the true value or because he diecided it would be too cumbersome remained unclear. One rouge remained as a small halfling magically flew out of the structure and looked about in disbelief. “You killed everybody?” he said. “You killed the bard?” He said incredulously “Your more powerfull than they let on.” He landed and pulled a harrow deck from his pocket before drawing three cards from it. He turns around and tells the remaining council rouge that he’s sorry and it is nothing personal before blasting the poor sod with scorching rays of fire that jet from his palms. “Look theres no need for us to kill each other” he says with a grin “perhaps we can work together.”


blueslaadi blueslaadi

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