Vigilance Blade

Head towards the light

A dire rat peeks around the corner of the hall perched on top of one of the shattered vault doors. You lead the blinded Kalaive into the stairwell and Inglip joins him there after bringing Bluehoods body upstairs in case they needed to grab her and make a retreat.“Crowbar” Crogan, Gala Wimblesnippet, Thane Eysizen gather behind the front line gaurding the stairwell as the two vampires continue to hack their way through the doors to the east. Inglip decides to kill the the dire rat that is watching you and leaps over to it delivering a devestating bite to the rats chest. This draws the attention of yet another vampire who runs down the hallway to save the dying beast. Gala Wimblesnippet asks to see the Morrowfall and when she touches it she instantly knows how to operate the artifact and hears the name Easivra inside of her head. The two vampires to the east hack through one of the doors and start dispatching lemures before heading over to where Vigilance blade took up a defensive position in the stairwell. Gala Wimblesnippet notices that this newest vampire weilds two wooden stakes and attempts to parlay with the creature thinking that perhaps it was hunting vampires as well. She is soon mentally dominated by the dangerous vampires mind and is given the command to bring it the Morrowfall. Kalaive reaches out blindly and grabs her arm with one hand, her hair with another and begging her to come to her sences. The female vampire tending to her rat uses this opportunity to staunch it’s bleeding, and satisfied that her pet will live, starts after the group as well. Gala fights off the enchantment when ordered to attack Kalaive “The Glaive”. It is not long until the party decides to head for the sunlight two floors above, as sunlight is commonly thought to destroy vampires, all the while Gala is blasting the vampires with light from the morrowfall. Inglip is dominated at one point but snaps out of it when asked to attack his master. Two of the vampires are forced to retreat after being repeatedly blasted by the artifact, and the third must stop short of entering the first level because of the sunlight streaming throu the window upstairs.


Vigilance Blade makes it safely back to the safe house where they lick their wounds and examine some of the tresures plucked from delvehaven more carefully.

Head towards the light
blueslaadi blueslaadi

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