Vigilance Blade

Into the spiral

After returning the injured rookies back to the safehouse, they reported in to Janiven and Areal before returning to enter the spiral. Kalaive pulled out the contract and Lyrin offered him his back as a surface as Kalaive cut his finger with the blade of his rapier before dipping a feather into his blood and signing the document. He repeated the strange words as instructed to open the solid looking door that protected the Nessian Spiral from intruders and it slid open reveiling a set of stairs that led down into darkness. They quickly killed some more council rouges, leaving just one alive and setting him in a side room that served as a crude sort of armory. the unconcious rouge was badley wounded and out cold but Thane used an alarm spell scroll just outside the door should he awaken. They thought perhaps he could be questioned later but as they were searching the next room, a sort of winery, the alarm spell went off. Apparently more rouges and an elven female diabolist had heard the fighting and healed the unconcious but stable rouge enough for him to help them confront the party. Unfortunately for them they were outmatched even with the elven woman and our heros continued to the treasury were they discovered a chest full of looted items gaurded by two Cerebus. They looked like immense dogs with two heads and damaged Inglip before being put down. After Crowbar opened the chest he discovered a secret door behind it. When he opened it, to their surprise, a well groomed middle aged man with a mayoral badge identifing him as a mayor of Westcrown was standing there in the darkness staring at them, but the current Mayor was Aberian. Could this be Dargantu Vheed? The mayor from Westcrowns past who disappeared so long ago? His name was on the contract and it was said that he spent much of his time down here improving upon the work of the Trune wizards who created the spiral and the infernal engine at the heart of it.


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