Vigilance Blade

Massacre House

Kalaive “The Glaive” withdrew the bust of Ghaelfin from his pack and unwound the heavy cloak he had protecting it. Ailyn Ghonstavos was elated to have the remains of such a famous pathfinder back. The lanterns were dimmed and the incence was lit as Ailyn affixed the candle onto the petrified head. Gala Wimblesnippet approached solomely with the long candlelighter Fiosa so often used to light candles near the alter upon which rested the book of acts. The others had started a rythmic chanting to the slow drumming sound made by Inglip and his bongos. A short time after Gala ignited the gravecandle a small figure no more than seven inches high slowley formed above it. It was made entirely of smoke and seemed to be weeping. They learned from Ghaelfin that a deceased pathfinder named Coriana, apparantly an Assmiar if the letter found inside the Asmodeon Knot is to be belived, knows more about the sealing of Delvehaven and that she stashed some items away when Delvehaven was sealed in case the Pathfinders should ever have to retake it. They learned also that her ashes remain stashed in a nunnery of evil sister monks who assasinated then cremated her, even securing her ashes so that she wasn’t resurrected. Apparently they worship an Erinyes named Eisyth, and hope to become one as well in the afterlife. Ailyn asked that you return with Corianas’ ashes, and after they are subjected to another of the gravecandles you found, she would return them to the Pathfinders Grand Lodge in Absolam were they belonged. She would even double your payment. Thane Eysizen hit the streets to try and find out were the Sisters live, while Ailyn sent “Crowbar” Crogan and Kalaive “The Glaive” into the library of the safehouse to search for any record of the Sisters. Some business ledgers showed that a Sister of the order would shop in town for supplies at least once a month and had been doing so for years. Their location was also written in the back of a ledger and with this the team set out for the walled-off section of town known as Rego Cader. They left before the sun came up dispite the real danger of running into the shadowbeasts that hunt the streets of Westcrown at night. Thane Eysizen directed Inglip to fly onto the building with a flick of his wrist where he noticed a pipe with a tendril of smoke escaping from it. “Crowbar” Crogan attempted to open a couple of the locked doors, but was unable to gain access. It was decided that the eidolon would enter forcibly through the roof. This alerted the sisters inside of intruders and shortly after the black-scaled lizardman unlocked an entry door, battle was joined. Inside there was a furnace and it became apparent that the structure was actally a working creamatorium, albiet a strange one. As the sisters of Eiseth poured out of the basement, some of them had unwound their habits into long bladed scarves that lashed about as the other members kicked and punched with lightning speed. A large fire elemental also attacked the party, pouring forth from a furnace shaped like a demons mouth complete with a curious metal tounge made of rollers. It was a terrifiying battle and the monks were very skilled, but eventually all that stood in the way of Vigilance Blade were stricken low. After it was discovered that all the urns were labeled using the spidery script of the infernal Thane Eysizen wrote the name Corina down as it would appear in that language on some parchments and passed them around so that the whole party could help find the ashes and they were soon rewarded for their efforts. Ailyn has just paid you 2000 gold pieces and walked out of the room with the black urn full of ashes to prepare for another seance.


Kalaive returns with the others to the safehouse and gets the dents out of his armor

Massacre House
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