Vigilance Blade

The Dealers Deal

When Aberten “the dealer” found out that one of the council rouge escaped he flew after him with the strike team of vigilance blade following on foot. Aberten did not want any potential witness to him switching sides and becoming a spy for Vigilance Blade. Luckily the rest of the crew from the safehouse had Aberian’s folly surrounded to stop any escaping rouges and were able to intercept the one remaining rouge before he got too far. They were outmatched but were able to hold the escaping rouge long enough for “The Dealer” to find the group and dispatch the rouge. Our main heros got there just in time to save the lives of some of the injured Vigilance Blade rookies who were bleeding out, before collecting Bluehood’s things that were stolen. A plan was hatched for Aberten to return to the splinter group of council thieves with some false information about vigilance blades powers and tactics, he would lie and tell those planning on taking over the council that he barely escaped with his life. “Perhaps we will work together again soon, but I will soon take my leave” the halfling said. “But before I do please garther round and I will read your fortunes.” He pulled out his harrow deck as the group gathered around him. He spoke in riddles but bestowed aome kind of blessing to them in the process that made their attacks more acurate for 24 hours and then quickley flew away.


blueslaadi blueslaadi

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