Vigilance Blade

The Morrowfall

The party proceeded to the large double doors after having dispatched Bisby’s Haunted skeleton and stuffing his skull into the haversack along with the many treasures he once gaurded. “Crowbar” Crogan withdrew one of the keys found earlier inside the The Wave Door. The door opened into a very brightly lit room. Many laterns hang from the ceiling and each one radiating white light. A large stone desk sits in this empty room bearing tiny symbols and runes carved into it’s surface. Across from the doors you entered is another door bearing the face of a demon, and with runes similar to the ones on the desk. seemingly carved into the door itself. With the help of the entire party and “Crowbar” Crogan crowbar, they managed to move the stone desk after “Crowbar” Crogan noticed that it sat over a hole. Suddenly laughter filled the room as the door across from them opened spewing smoke and bursting with light. Inglip stepped forward and was soon attack by an invisable beast with savage claws. Kalaive “The Glaive” stepped into the fray as the others helped, but tried to stay away from the invisable beast. After defeating the monster they proceeded down the stairs. Flashes of light from the bottom of the stairs pierced the darkness. Some vampire spawn were waiting at the bottom of the stairs and immediately attacked, although one of them turned gaseous and swept under a nearby door. Down the hall the Morrowfall shone with amazing brightness. It looked as though the vampire spawn had busted down three sets of doors to get to it only to be driven away by the brilliant light of this minor artifact. Kalaive “The Glaive” decide to make a sprint for the Morrowfall but was driven away by painfull rays of lght that suddenly sprung out of the eagle-headed shaped artifact. Inglip dashed in to help only to find himself also falling victim to the blasts of light. As the last of the vampire spawn fell to Thane Eysizen as Gala Wimblesnippet ducked into a side passage that the vampire spawn had apparently carved out in an attempt to approach the Morrowfall from another direction. Suddenly, thousands of rats started to pour out from under the door that the gaseous vampire spawn entered. The fur of these rodents is covered in black maze-like designs.


blueslaadi blueslaadi

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