Vigilance Blade

The Wave Door

The seance with Coriana proved fruitful in that you learned the secret to decoding the story you found inside the chelish crux entitled, “Cudnys Wedding”. She explained that once decoded the resulting poem would show you how to find the Wave Door. She also told you to find a Wayfinder and recite the Delvehaven oath while shining it’s light over the location of the door. She also explained that you must go at night for the door to appear. Some shadows attacked the party as they searched for the Wave Door, but soon after the shadows were vanquished a large portal opened up and the party entered. A nice stash of scrolls, wands and potions along with stacks of gold were located in a large chest that was locked, but it was quickly opened after “Crowbar” Crogan jumped through the Wave Door and into the extradimensional space with the others. A note was also discovered that had been written by Loremaster Liriam warning of Ilnerik, a pathfinder who stole half of a Viriavaxian relic called the Totemrix. It stated that he may have been turned into a vampire by the relic. The other half called the Morrowfall has been sealed inside of Delvehaven in a vault called the Amber Arca. After casing the condemed pathfinder lodge named Delvehaven our intrepid heros climbed the walls into the outer courtyard and then started towards the back of the complex where giant pillars supporting a wooden terrace surround an inner courtyard.


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