Vigilance Blade

Vampires and Devils

Our intrepid explorers made thier way past the rubble that had spilled out onto the cobblestone street from the exploded mansion. The pillars of flame still shot up through the clouds and smoke. Gala held the Morrowfall out in front of her, although it’s light was barely disernable in the afternoon sun. They could see that the large wrought iorn gates from the front entrance had smashed into the gatehouse of a nieghboring mansion. It finally settled into a twisted heap, but not before demolishing an entire corner of the gatehouse. With a large section of wall down Vigilance Blade was able to enter the one story building and soon discovered a swarm of bats that was using one of the storage rooms as a lair. Bluehood started to torch the bats with alchemist fire as the rest ot the party discoverd a gaurdroom full of Marthis gaurds. They and the room they were in were covered in oil. The gaurds attacked immediately, but were soon subdued, bleeding or unconcious. The single gaurd left standing pulled a bottle of alchemist fire from his pack and jumped onto a table before attempted to use the mixture to ignite himself and the oil covered room by smashing it onto the ground. Kalaive knocked the bottle out of the dominated gaurds hand and it landed with a thud onto the table he was standing on but it miraculouslydid not break. Kalaive grappled and pinned the gaurd before tieing him up and lowering him out of a nearby window. The bound gaurd rambled on about how the master would soon destroy them anyways, but armed with the morrowfall they were able to easily destroy the vampire when he finally showed after they began tearing up the floorboards. The gaurd soon came to his sences after the vampire died and they released him so that he could fetch some Dottari to help. They started heading for another nearby gatehouse owned by the Rastovian family. The twenty-foot tall structure had weathered the nearby explosion quite well, and seemed undamaged. There was a report of a devil being spotted in that area and so the group decided to check it out. As they made their way over to it, an erynies landed on a nearby rooftop and folded her jet black wings. She wore black shiny leather and sported a pair of spiked high heels. She then landed next to Kalaive and casually strolled past Bluehood and Thane before approaching Gala. Thane protested as the creature went to touch Gala, and she threw a rope made of her own hair at him. It seemed alive as it attempted to entagle him but he was able to pull it off and throw it on the ground where it wriggled and writhed. The eryines was already in the air and flying away when Gala cast a blindness spell on it. It started flying erratically, but continued towards the Rasdovian gatehouse. Kalaive chopped the wiggling hair rope in half and it stopped moving. He then set his glaive on his shoulder and led the group towards the blinded Erynies who had landed on the roof of the structure. With the help of Crowbars Rope of climbing Kalaive scrambled to the roof and slew the Erynies who was blind but still had alot of fight left in her. Crowbar easily climbed the structure and kept Kalaive informed on the combat below while pestering foes with his bolts. Eventually, a bone devil appeared and the battle turned even more fierce. The Devil told Crowbar that he remembered killing him before and that he would do so again. Badly wounded the Bone Devil teleported inside the Rosdovian Gatehaouse and drank a stash of healing potions. Crowbar was feeling a little freaked out about the teleporting Bone devil that could go invisable at will popping up and killng him like it had done inside the safehouse, so he was glad when Bluehood suggested he return to his library and discover what type of weapon could hurt these things as they seemed highly resistant to physical damage from any of their current weaapons. The bone devil suddenly appeared and chuckled before letting two giant Lemures out of the gatehouse by pulling a lever. Kalaive and Inglip rushed in to fight them at the chokepoint and were soon seperated from the rest of the party by a 25 foot tall wall of ice that connected to the gatehouse on either end. Thane and Gala chipped away at the wall while the front line hacked the giant lemures into tiny pieces. By the time the created a hole big enough the fight was over and Vigilnce blade was able to drive the wounded Devil away. For now. They soon discoverd some rooms filled with paralyzed victums of the bone devils stinger. Thane recognized one of the women from the mayors lavish dinner who had gone missing some days before, and suggested that perhaps there would be a reward given for her safe return.


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