Vigilance Blade

What the %$#& was that?

Inglip carried bluehoods body as the party made their way through the streets unmolested by the dottari or any hellknights. Most of the Westcrowni citizens were indoors already, in preparation of nightfal and the dangerous shadowgaurms that often stalk the city streets at night. A few stragglers spot the grim procession, but only silently watch them pass without raising any alarm. Finally back at the safehouse they collapse in thier beds and in the morning explain what happened inside of Delvehaven before setting about the task of raising Bluehood from the dead. Ailyn Ghonstavos offers to petition the elder pathfinders in Absolom for her ressurection as she had given her life to procure the Morrowfall. When the party explains that she will be needed here to help defend Westcrown, she suddenly stops Ermelios from wrapping Bluehood in a sheet long enough to look through Bluehoods pack and finds a bag containing many platinum coins. The rest of the party gathers even more coin from amoungst themselves and they soon have enough to purchase a raise dead scroll. Areal the leader of Vigilance Blade and an elf, himself a cleric of Iomede who bears many magical potions give Rizzardo and Vitti some potions of bullstrength, which they quickly drick before easily slinging the corpse onto their shoulders. They toss her down on the table of a local chapel devoted to Desna, as Gala Wimblesnippet uses the raise dead scroll sussesfully on the remains of her friend. Bluehood claws her way out of the sheet, and is helped to her feet. She is alive again but states that she feels worse than dead and begins rubbing her head while complaining of a headache. She states that she will need to go back to her hideout and obtain some gold for a restoration spell and to wash the blood from her body and clothes. Promising to return the next morning, she takes her leave and limps across the street before removing a sewer grate and jumping in. The rest of the group divide up their treasure, and as Kalaive “The Glaive” is examining the mythril rapier known as Whisperslash, “Crowbar” Crogan starts counting the many lanterns he absconded with from one of the chambers in delvehaven. A few hours pass when there is suddenly a huge explosion, and many of the items within the temple start to rattle. Even the stand upon which rest the,“Book of Acts” nearly falls off the alter before Janiven rushes over to steady it. “Crowbar” Crogan dashes to the front door and peeks his head out. A mushroom cloud rises above the buildings to the southwest and he sees what looks like yellow eyes of flame and teeth made of cinder and ash on the surface of the expanding cloud. Thane Eysizen soon joins him at the door and quickly shuts it should they be spotted. He explains that from this vantage point he figures that the explosion is probably hovering over Aberian’s Folly. The strike team quickly gathers their tresure and pulls their hoods on before heading towards the esplosion. Gala Wimblesnippet withdraws the Morrowfall and holds it up, it’s intense light turning the night to day within a 60’ radius. Bluehood soon joins them, floating down from a nearby rooftop, apparently roused from sleep by the explosion. A shadowgaurm appears in the street ahead, but seems staggard by the Morrowfalls light and easily dispatched by Bluehood’s trident. The mushroom cloud has been replaced by five pillars of fire that extend up into the sky and disappear into the clouds. Gala Wimblesnippet sees a dark shape come out of a nearby alley. It is Aberian Arvanxi, the mayor of Westcrown. He looks horrible, and he has many cuts and bruises. He gets down on one knee and pleads for her group to help him, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are the cast of, “The Six Trials of Larazod.” and recognizing them only as Vigilance Blade. He explains that he saw their light and headed towards it in hopes of avoiding any shadowgarms who may be about. A Dottari gaurd is attracted to Gala Wimblesnippet light as well and the mayor swiftly hides behind a nearby barrel. The gaurd approaches the party and upon seeing their red hoods, he tells them that he knows who they are and they should get indoors and leave this to the professionals. After the gaurd leaves, the mayor asks the group for somewhere they can talk unobserved, and they enter the sewers before entering a room equipped with some shovels and a sturdy table. Thane Eysizen steps up to the mayor an snatches the his dagger from him before demanding answers. The mayor initially protest his being disarmed, but soon complies and retrieves a scroll and some papyrus from a leather bag at his waist. He mournfully explains that he’s home has exploded, destroyed by the failing infernal engine underneath it. After pulling some chalk from his pocket, he starts to draw a crude map of the east wing. Apparently the only section of the structure still standing. He explains that the pit fiend at the center of the engine is escaping and that they are the only ones that can save Westcrown. The scroll in an infernal contract drawn up by the diabolist of Thrune and bearing his name as well as the two mayors before him. He explains that to approach the infernal engine they would have to enter the Nessian Spiral, and to enter the Nessian Spiral at least one of them must sign the contract. The group decides to purchase more equipment before attempting to enter such a hazourdus place and Kalaive “The Glaive” approaches Ermelios with a large stash of platinum to discuss the possibility of adding devil bane to Whisperslash, as mythril is known to act much like silver, which makes it deadlier to devils than ordinary steel. The rest of the group purchase some scrolls and potions before meeting back at the safehuse. Kalaive “The Glaive” explains that his demon bane defending mythril rapier should be ready in the morning, and it is agreed that they will leave when the sun rises. The next morning, while walking under the streets of Westcrown within the citys sewer system, they witness some Hellnights arguing with a Dottari Liuetenent about jurisdiction. Twelve minutes later they are climbing an iorn ladder and slipping onto the surface streets. They soon happen upon a group of Dottari Gaurds and the liuetenent who leads them. From this close to the manor it is obvious that the pillars of fire are arranged over the demolished mansion as if each where placed over the points of a huge five pointed star. As their leader motions you over to a nearby tent, the guards continue working. Some of them are dragging a rain barrel to help brace an enormous barracade of wagons and crates they have built to block the street and offer some cover from any attacks originating from the manor. Some of the gaurds are sharpening big pieces of wood and shoving them through the makeshift wall, while another nails a wooden ladder to the structure to allow one of them to easily scale the barrier from this side to see over it and a gaurd does indeed take his position at the top as you enter the officers tent. He tells you that if you want to help you can enter a nearby stone structure and search for a vicious looking devil that was said to have entered it soon after the explosion. It had wings devoid of any flesh and a long scorpion-like tail. He says that an Erinyes has been spotted flying above westcrown. An erinyes is a devil who takes the form of a beautiful woman clad in leather with large feathered wings as black as pitch, and sharp fangs that show themseles when they smile or laugh. A smile or laugh filled with cruelty and often sparked by the torture of mortal souls. As the Luietenent is explaining this Kalaive “The Glaive” sences that the liuetenent is enchanted by a domination spell, similar to those used against them when confronted by the vampires. He grabs the officer and wrestles him to the ground. He sreams for the gaurds and as Gala Wimblesnippet starts epending charges from her break enchantment wand Inglip moves to block the entrance to the tent. “Crowbar” Crogan Crowbar quickly slices a hole in the tent to grant him a quick escape should the need arise. Thane Eysizen convinces the gaurds that the liuetenent is charmed and Gala Wimblesnippet thankfully succeds in bringing him back to his sences. He immediately starts sobbing and directs them to a gaurdshack that stands near the entrance to another huge manor in the area. A vampire has made his lair there and has been feeding on the locals and using him to watch for thier arrival. He says the creature apparently knows that you would eventually show up, and that it is the thrall of something called, “The Master of Midnight.”


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