Vigilance Blade

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The Hellscaller Cup

You found the bust of Ghaelfin adorning the entry way into the Devildrome. A huge spherical cage with blades and barbs attached to it, pointing towards the arena below. Thane has won the Hellscaller Cup with the help of his friends and Inglip, his summons. Rance Lucca has agreed to give you the bust as payment for your performance. You wait patiently as the last of the patrons leave the arena. Rance gives you the bust and tells you that he has money to count. Many of the gaurds are starting to line up to get paid as well, as you make your way back out into the streets with what remains of Ghaelfin. A Pathfinder, and a venture-captain at that! Perhaps he has some of the answers you seek.

Massacre House
Kalaive “The Glaive” withdrew the bust of Ghaelfin from his pack and unwound the heavy cloak he had protecting it. Ailyn Ghonstavos was elated to have the remains of such a famous pathfinder back. The lanterns were dimmed and the incence was lit as Ailyn affixed the candle onto the petrified head. Gala Wimblesnippet approached solomely with the long candlelighter Fiosa so often used to light candles near the alter upon which rested the book of acts. The others had started a rythmic chanting to the slow drumming sound made by Inglip and his bongos. A short time after Gala ignited the gravecandle a small figure no more than seven inches high slowley formed above it. It was made entirely of smoke and seemed to be weeping. They learned from Ghaelfin that a deceased pathfinder named Coriana, apparantly an Assmiar if the letter found inside the Asmodeon Knot is to be belived, knows more about the sealing of Delvehaven and that she stashed some items away when Delvehaven was sealed in case the Pathfinders should ever have to retake it. They learned also that her ashes remain stashed in a nunnery of evil sister monks who assasinated then cremated her, even securing her ashes so that she wasn’t resurrected. Apparently they worship an Erinyes named Eisyth, and hope to become one as well in the afterlife. Ailyn asked that you return with Corianas’ ashes, and after they are subjected to another of the gravecandles you found, she would return them to the Pathfinders Grand Lodge in Absolam were they belonged. She would even double your payment. Thane Eysizen hit the streets to try and find out were the Sisters live, while Ailyn sent “Crowbar” Crogan and Kalaive “The Glaive” into the library of the safehouse to search for any record of the Sisters. Some business ledgers showed that a Sister of the order would shop in town for supplies at least once a month and had been doing so for years. Their location was also written in the back of a ledger and with this the team set out for the walled-off section of town known as Rego Cader. They left before the sun came up dispite the real danger of running into the shadowbeasts that hunt the streets of Westcrown at night. Thane Eysizen directed Inglip to fly onto the building with a flick of his wrist where he noticed a pipe with a tendril of smoke escaping from it. “Crowbar” Crogan attempted to open a couple of the locked doors, but was unable to gain access. It was decided that the eidolon would enter forcibly through the roof. This alerted the sisters inside of intruders and shortly after the black-scaled lizardman unlocked an entry door, battle was joined. Inside there was a furnace and it became apparent that the structure was actally a working creamatorium, albiet a strange one. As the sisters of Eiseth poured out of the basement, some of them had unwound their habits into long bladed scarves that lashed about as the other members kicked and punched with lightning speed. A large fire elemental also attacked the party, pouring forth from a furnace shaped like a demons mouth complete with a curious metal tounge made of rollers. It was a terrifiying battle and the monks were very skilled, but eventually all that stood in the way of Vigilance Blade were stricken low. After it was discovered that all the urns were labeled using the spidery script of the infernal Thane Eysizen wrote the name Corina down as it would appear in that language on some parchments and passed them around so that the whole party could help find the ashes and they were soon rewarded for their efforts. Ailyn has just paid you 2000 gold pieces and walked out of the room with the black urn full of ashes to prepare for another seance.
The Wave Door
The seance with Coriana proved fruitful in that you learned the secret to decoding the story you found inside the chelish crux entitled, “Cudnys Wedding”. She explained that once decoded the resulting poem would show you how to find the Wave Door. She also told you to find a Wayfinder and recite the Delvehaven oath while shining it’s light over the location of the door. She also explained that you must go at night for the door to appear. Some shadows attacked the party as they searched for the Wave Door, but soon after the shadows were vanquished a large portal opened up and the party entered. A nice stash of scrolls, wands and potions along with stacks of gold were located in a large chest that was locked, but it was quickly opened after “Crowbar” Crogan jumped through the Wave Door and into the extradimensional space with the others. A note was also discovered that had been written by Loremaster Liriam warning of Ilnerik, a pathfinder who stole half of a Viriavaxian relic called the Totemrix. It stated that he may have been turned into a vampire by the relic. The other half called the Morrowfall has been sealed inside of Delvehaven in a vault called the Amber Arca. After casing the condemed pathfinder lodge named Delvehaven our intrepid heros climbed the walls into the outer courtyard and then started towards the back of the complex where giant pillars supporting a wooden terrace surround an inner courtyard.
Delving into Delvehaven

There were some bizarre constructs in the main courtyard that looked like childrens toys. They became visable only after jumping off a strange cylindrical metal stage that sits in the center of the courtyard area. After engageing the strange toys a will-o-wisp entered the area and turned invisable after being struck by an arrow. It soon attacked and was killed. The party investigated much of the first and second floors, fighting off a large triceritops shadow skeleton, and looting some of the valuable items that were left behind by the Thrune pathfinders.

Haunted Haven

The Vigilance Blade strike force returned to the safe house and placed the books they had looted out of the Delvehaven library into Crowbars workshop. They also read some of the books found that bestowed various abilities and rested for the night before exploring yet another level of Delvehaven. They soon discovered that Delvehaven was haunted when they were attacked by phantasmal bugs from the insect museum and Kalaive was later possessed by the spirit of Bisby when they entered a room full of model ships were some of the party members saw a flashback of Bisby arguing with Ilnerik on the deck of a ship. Kalaive was able to resist the urge to attack his fellow party members long enough to leave the room and they gathered in the hallway before continuing on.

Bisby's Skull

Our brave heros continued down the hallway of the abondoned pathfinder lodge and discovered a tavern where the soulbound dolls were staging some sort of strange funeral for the dragon pull toy apparantly named Draggy. If it was a funeral the soulbound dolls were not behaving themselves as they pushed each other down and threw bottles of wine at each other. They were quickly dispatched by our heros. Amoung the clutter inside the tavern you discovered a crude table and chairs built out of scavenged parts set up as if for a childs tea party, and crowbar discovers a secret door behind the bar. Crowbar decides to check the rest of the room for secret doors or compartments, while his partners continue through the secret passage. They soon discover the hideout of the Amber Privetters, and after lifting a few scrolls shaped like origami birds they discovered an amulet with a dogs head and a womans body. The sorcerers pet inglip now wears it, having given the golembane scarab to Kalavie. They followed the sratch marks to a large iorn door. Crowbar returned just as Thane tried to destroy the hinges with acid splash, only to discover that they self healed! Crowbar eventually opened the door by pulling out his masterwork toolkit.(Of course, he could have also used the key that they had obtained from the chest inside the Wave Door, but that would have been to boring!) Inside bisby’s skeleton was seated in front of a pile of treasure and his skull attacked the party after Thane sent Inglip to snatch a wavefinder that was still clutched in the withered corpse’s hand. Two shadows also spawned, but they were eventually defeated while Inglip kept the Bisby’s skull busy by smashing to bits everytime it would miraculously reform itself. After the shadows faded Bisby Skull stopped screamimg “Theives!” and slowley came to a rest on top of his body, which was still seated in front of the assorted “treasures.” After looting his corpse and clearing the room of any valuables they could find, Bisby’s skull thanked them and grew silent. There is another set of iorn doors with a keyhole in them that they have yet to explore…

The Morrowfall
The party proceeded to the large double doors after having dispatched Bisby’s Haunted skeleton and stuffing his skull into the haversack along with the many treasures he once gaurded. “Crowbar” Crogan withdrew one of the keys found earlier inside the The Wave Door. The door opened into a very brightly lit room. Many laterns hang from the ceiling and each one radiating white light. A large stone desk sits in this empty room bearing tiny symbols and runes carved into it’s surface. Across from the doors you entered is another door bearing the face of a demon, and with runes similar to the ones on the desk. seemingly carved into the door itself. With the help of the entire party and “Crowbar” Crogan crowbar, they managed to move the stone desk after “Crowbar” Crogan noticed that it sat over a hole. Suddenly laughter filled the room as the door across from them opened spewing smoke and bursting with light. Inglip stepped forward and was soon attack by an invisable beast with savage claws. Kalaive “The Glaive” stepped into the fray as the others helped, but tried to stay away from the invisable beast. After defeating the monster they proceeded down the stairs. Flashes of light from the bottom of the stairs pierced the darkness. Some vampire spawn were waiting at the bottom of the stairs and immediately attacked, although one of them turned gaseous and swept under a nearby door. Down the hall the Morrowfall shone with amazing brightness. It looked as though the vampire spawn had busted down three sets of doors to get to it only to be driven away by the brilliant light of this minor artifact. Kalaive “The Glaive” decide to make a sprint for the Morrowfall but was driven away by painfull rays of lght that suddenly sprung out of the eagle-headed shaped artifact. Inglip dashed in to help only to find himself also falling victim to the blasts of light. As the last of the vampire spawn fell to Thane Eysizen as Gala Wimblesnippet ducked into a side passage that the vampire spawn had apparently carved out in an attempt to approach the Morrowfall from another direction. Suddenly, thousands of rats started to pour out from under the door that the gaseous vampire spawn entered. The fur of these rodents is covered in black maze-like designs.
Mad Dash for the Morrowfall

A blue light appears at the top of the stairs and makes it’s way down to Thane as the summoner conjures up three small fire elementals and a haste spell. The elementals began cutting a swath through the crazed vermin, and at first the strange rats with the maze-like designs in their fur shy away from the flames. You hear Bluehood’s voice as she tells you to grab some of the wooden splinters from the smashed doors to use as stakes should you drive the vampires to their coffins. Suddenly, bats start pouring out of the hallway to the west and you see Bluehood become visable as she throws a vial of alchemist fire at them. A large, brutish and heavily tattoed vampire sweeps out into the hallway holding a heavy reapeating crossbow equipped with bayonets. His skin bears the same mazelike designs that the rats have. The rats again throw themselves at the elementals with renewed vigor at the sight of mazeflesh man. Blood and foul gore drip off his face and chin were he has apparantly been feeding. Large fangs gleam as he curses you and backs down the hallway firing bolts in your direction all the while and hitting Bluehood in the shoulder with one. Meanwhile Gala Wimblesnippet is leading the blinded and badly wounded fighter known asKalaive “The Glaive” up to the front lines. Explaining that she will guide his attacks as best she can, stopping only long enough to heal him with a wand before sending him into battle. The mazefleash man comes to a door and immediately opens it, but not before shooting Bluehood once again with a bolt from his deadly-looking repeater. Three large wolves leap out of the room as he enters it and after kiliing them with the help of a blind but still effective Kalaive “The Glaive” and the summoners pet Inglip you discover yet another vampire with the mazefleash man in the room. This one wears a heavy cloak and is wielding a shortsword. The powerful creature easily dispatchs the last of the fire elementals and attempts to follow Thane west.Thane Eysizen does his best to block the door with summoned creatures known as lemures, as Bluehood anounces that she is going to make a run for the artifact in hopes of using it against the vampires. She is blasted by the Morrowfall and dies just a few feet from it, but gives “Crowbar” Crogan the opportunity to sprint in behind her. It burst again with light as he reaches for it but does not blind the quick halfling as he is able to cover his eyes with his left arm while grabbing the Morrowfall off of it’s pedestal. The artifact immediately seems to calm, It still glows brightly but is no longer crackling and sending out dealy sunbeams in random directions or dousing the room in sudden flashes of deadly light. To the east, the vampires are working their way past the lemures as “Crowbar” Crogan examines the artifact in hopes of learning how to us it.

Head towards the light

A dire rat peeks around the corner of the hall perched on top of one of the shattered vault doors. You lead the blinded Kalaive into the stairwell and Inglip joins him there after bringing Bluehoods body upstairs in case they needed to grab her and make a retreat.“Crowbar” Crogan, Gala Wimblesnippet, Thane Eysizen gather behind the front line gaurding the stairwell as the two vampires continue to hack their way through the doors to the east. Inglip decides to kill the the dire rat that is watching you and leaps over to it delivering a devestating bite to the rats chest. This draws the attention of yet another vampire who runs down the hallway to save the dying beast. Gala Wimblesnippet asks to see the Morrowfall and when she touches it she instantly knows how to operate the artifact and hears the name Easivra inside of her head. The two vampires to the east hack through one of the doors and start dispatching lemures before heading over to where Vigilance blade took up a defensive position in the stairwell. Gala Wimblesnippet notices that this newest vampire weilds two wooden stakes and attempts to parlay with the creature thinking that perhaps it was hunting vampires as well. She is soon mentally dominated by the dangerous vampires mind and is given the command to bring it the Morrowfall. Kalaive reaches out blindly and grabs her arm with one hand, her hair with another and begging her to come to her sences. The female vampire tending to her rat uses this opportunity to staunch it’s bleeding, and satisfied that her pet will live, starts after the group as well. Gala fights off the enchantment when ordered to attack Kalaive “The Glaive”. It is not long until the party decides to head for the sunlight two floors above, as sunlight is commonly thought to destroy vampires, all the while Gala is blasting the vampires with light from the morrowfall. Inglip is dominated at one point but snaps out of it when asked to attack his master. Two of the vampires are forced to retreat after being repeatedly blasted by the artifact, and the third must stop short of entering the first level because of the sunlight streaming throu the window upstairs.


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