Vigilance Blade

Bisby's Skull

Our brave heros continued down the hallway of the abondoned pathfinder lodge and discovered a tavern where the soulbound dolls were staging some sort of strange funeral for the dragon pull toy apparantly named Draggy. If it was a funeral the soulbound dolls were not behaving themselves as they pushed each other down and threw bottles of wine at each other. They were quickly dispatched by our heros. Amoung the clutter inside the tavern you discovered a crude table and chairs built out of scavenged parts set up as if for a childs tea party, and crowbar discovers a secret door behind the bar. Crowbar decides to check the rest of the room for secret doors or compartments, while his partners continue through the secret passage. They soon discover the hideout of the Amber Privetters, and after lifting a few scrolls shaped like origami birds they discovered an amulet with a dogs head and a womans body. The sorcerers pet inglip now wears it, having given the golembane scarab to Kalavie. They followed the sratch marks to a large iorn door. Crowbar returned just as Thane tried to destroy the hinges with acid splash, only to discover that they self healed! Crowbar eventually opened the door by pulling out his masterwork toolkit.(Of course, he could have also used the key that they had obtained from the chest inside the Wave Door, but that would have been to boring!) Inside bisby’s skeleton was seated in front of a pile of treasure and his skull attacked the party after Thane sent Inglip to snatch a wavefinder that was still clutched in the withered corpse’s hand. Two shadows also spawned, but they were eventually defeated while Inglip kept the Bisby’s skull busy by smashing to bits everytime it would miraculously reform itself. After the shadows faded Bisby Skull stopped screamimg “Theives!” and slowley came to a rest on top of his body, which was still seated in front of the assorted “treasures.” After looting his corpse and clearing the room of any valuables they could find, Bisby’s skull thanked them and grew silent. There is another set of iorn doors with a keyhole in them that they have yet to explore…


blueslaadi blueslaadi

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