Vigilance Blade

Mad Dash for the Morrowfall

A blue light appears at the top of the stairs and makes it’s way down to Thane as the summoner conjures up three small fire elementals and a haste spell. The elementals began cutting a swath through the crazed vermin, and at first the strange rats with the maze-like designs in their fur shy away from the flames. You hear Bluehood’s voice as she tells you to grab some of the wooden splinters from the smashed doors to use as stakes should you drive the vampires to their coffins. Suddenly, bats start pouring out of the hallway to the west and you see Bluehood become visable as she throws a vial of alchemist fire at them. A large, brutish and heavily tattoed vampire sweeps out into the hallway holding a heavy reapeating crossbow equipped with bayonets. His skin bears the same mazelike designs that the rats have. The rats again throw themselves at the elementals with renewed vigor at the sight of mazeflesh man. Blood and foul gore drip off his face and chin were he has apparantly been feeding. Large fangs gleam as he curses you and backs down the hallway firing bolts in your direction all the while and hitting Bluehood in the shoulder with one. Meanwhile Gala Wimblesnippet is leading the blinded and badly wounded fighter known asKalaive “The Glaive” up to the front lines. Explaining that she will guide his attacks as best she can, stopping only long enough to heal him with a wand before sending him into battle. The mazefleash man comes to a door and immediately opens it, but not before shooting Bluehood once again with a bolt from his deadly-looking repeater. Three large wolves leap out of the room as he enters it and after kiliing them with the help of a blind but still effective Kalaive “The Glaive” and the summoners pet Inglip you discover yet another vampire with the mazefleash man in the room. This one wears a heavy cloak and is wielding a shortsword. The powerful creature easily dispatchs the last of the fire elementals and attempts to follow Thane west.Thane Eysizen does his best to block the door with summoned creatures known as lemures, as Bluehood anounces that she is going to make a run for the artifact in hopes of using it against the vampires. She is blasted by the Morrowfall and dies just a few feet from it, but gives “Crowbar” Crogan the opportunity to sprint in behind her. It burst again with light as he reaches for it but does not blind the quick halfling as he is able to cover his eyes with his left arm while grabbing the Morrowfall off of it’s pedestal. The artifact immediately seems to calm, It still glows brightly but is no longer crackling and sending out dealy sunbeams in random directions or dousing the room in sudden flashes of deadly light. To the east, the vampires are working their way past the lemures as “Crowbar” Crogan examines the artifact in hopes of learning how to us it.


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